April Fools Overture
Season Three, Episode 305a (CA)
Screen shot 2010-12-30 at 3.38.04 PM
Air date Oct/04/2007 (CA), Nov/06/2010 (US)
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Kenneth Chu
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Crimes of Fashion

"April Fools Overture" is a Season 3 episode of Atomic Betty.


It's April Fools Day on Earth, and Sparky gets a little carried away with his pranks because he wants be like the host of his favourite 3V show "Prank'd". But then, the host comes to Earth to stop Sparky because he thinks he's trying to steal his show. And to make matters worse, Maximus follows the host to get revenge on him for pulling a nasty prank on him.

Full Summary

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