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Atomic Betty video game box art

Atomic Betty is a single-player puzzle/shooter game based on the Teletoon and Cartoon Network animated television series Atomic Betty.

The game was developed by Big Blue Bubble for the Game Boy Advance, and published by Namco in North America (released October 25, 2005) and Atari in Europe (released August 25, 2005).


Betty with Noah and Paloma must find her homework before the Big Game while out in space, Betty with Sparky and X5 must deal with Maximus and his evil forces.



  • Paloma makes her actual first appearance in the game, despite her not appearing until Season 2.


There was supposed to be a sequel released for the Game Boy Advance, but plans for that video game was unfortunately cancelled; it was called Atomic Betty 2.


Critics gave the game moderately positive or below average reviews. Aaron Roberts of Nintendojo said "Basically, Atomic Betty is a better-than-average game for kids, and one that will keep them on their mental toes, to boot".[1] Nintendo World Report's Ben Kosmina said "The game is fun" but added "it's not going to last you a long period of time",[2] after completing the game within 2 hours, he also stated it has "absolutely no replay value".[2] GameZone's Michael Lafferty stated "this is obviously a game targeting younger players and in that regard it succeeds in providing an entertaining, though short-lived, experience".[3]


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