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Atomic Chick is a comic book created by Noah Parker, modeled after Betty's Galactic Guardian adventures, which Noah learned about after becoming a cadet.

Betty chastised Noah for not keeping her secret, but Noah assured her that a "small indie comic" wouldn't garner much attention — only to find that Atomic Chick had become a hit, and everyone is dressed as characters from the comic book.

When writing the comic, Noah made sure that all names were "slightly modified to protect the innocent" in order to preserve Betty's secret: Sparky is "Spark Dude", X-5 is "Q-7", and Admiral DeGill is "Commander LeFin". Even the villains were changed, as evidenced by "Dr. Brainy", the Atomic Chick counterpart to Dr. Cerebral.

[There may also be some equivalent to The Junior Galactic Guardians League in the comic, as there are human children at the comic book convention who almost resembled the three most commonly seen Junior Guardians.]

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