Betty the Red
Season Three, Episode 308b (CA)
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Air date Oct/09/2007 (CA), Nov/13/2010 (US)
Written by Hugh Duffy
Directed by Alex Savin
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"Betty the Red" is a Season 3 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty and Chaz are skateboarding together. Penelope is disgusted that her brother is with Betty. When Betty does a sick move, he gives Betty the nickname "Red". When the two go off, this seems to give Penelope an idea. While Betty and Sparky are at the mall, she tells him how much she likes boarding with Chaz. Sparky doesn't seem to understand how Betty can enjoy anything that doesn't involve eating. Overhearing Sparky, Penelope starts making fun of Betty for being a redhead. First she tells Sparky that if he needs ketchup, Betty could get some out of her hair. Then Penelope starts calling her names like "Tomato Head" and "Carrot Top".

Later Betty and Sparky are called away to Admiral Degill. The Kavikians have been attacked by Enormo. When Betty, Sparky, and X-5 are ready to go, Sparky calls Betty "Captain Ketchup" much to her annoyance. This leaves X-5 confused. The trio go to the Kavikians' home planet and find them with Enormo. Sparky seems to have gotten shrunken. Betty takes the Kavikians (and Sparky) home to her bedroom. She starts to think about Penelope's mean joke about her red har. However the Kavikians escape and go loose in Moose Jaw Heights.

Betty and X-5 find Sparky ad the Kavikians in the sandbox. Penelope starts making fun of Betty about her red hair. However th Kavikians themselves have red hair and don't find redhead jokes very entertaining. Soon they begin to attack Penelope. Penelope gets on a tree branch only for the Kavikians to try and cut it off the tree because of her mean redhead jokes about Betty who can' seem to get them stop. But there are only two things that Kavikians respect: bravery and redhair. Betty orders them to go to X-5 and saves Penelope.

Full Summary

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  • Sparky doesn't seem to know why Penelope called Betty a tomato head and what making fun of redheads means. This must explain why he called Betty "Captain Ketchup".
  • This is the final appearance of Enormo.



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