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Bombshelle's true form

Bombshelle (Stacy DePass) is a villainous fashion designer who used a special ray gun called the Beauty Bomber to "makeover" everything she considered ugly. These include turning a factory into a fashionable upside-down pyramid, turning a swimming pool into a pool of pink mud, shaving the hair of the hair beasts in the planet of Nexus 9 (even though they need the hair to survive the cold and snow of their planet), and beautifying the planet Crushton in which she describes it as an "orbiting eyesore". She attempted to makeover the entire galaxy, but Betty managed to stop her and it was discovered she was really a short ugly alien inside of a fashionable robot suit as it is destroyed when Bombshelle is defeated. (Ironic that she's ugly)


  • It was revealed that she was laughed out of Crushton because she was ugly.
  • Bombshelle has many similarities to Mask Scara from The Powerpuff Girls, due to the fact that both she and Bombshelle had a plot to "beautify" everything she thought looked ugly.