A Carrier-Beetle on X-5's head. (Toxic Talent)

Carrier-Beetles are a species that, as X-5 said, "are known for their penchant for consuming all items of mobility", they basically eat anything that moves. After Atomic Betty's team purged the Zanfer Galaxy of "insect-invaders", a Carrier-Beetle sneaked onto Atomic Betty's Starcruiser and caused havoc. It was eventually captured by Sparky, who decided to keep it as a pet, calling it, "Albert". (Toxic Talent)

The Carrier-Beetles were likely the insect-invaders mentioned by Betty. Either being part of, if the invaders were many species of alien insect, or making up the entire invasion force.


Carrier-Beetles are a very strong species despite their small size, as evidenced by Albert's ease in picking up Sparky and holding him above his head. Perhaps the 'Carrier' portion of their name has some weight to it.

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