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Chaz Lang

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2013 Galactic Guardian Chaz

Charles "Chaz" Lang (Scott McCord) is the older brother of Penelope Lang, who premiered, after having returned home from being away at private school, in Mission: Earth. According to Penelope, he refused to attend anymore because he found the other kids too snobby. Penelope finds her brother a disappointment, because he's nothing like her. Unlike his sister, Chaz is athletic, really cool, and an amazing skateboarder, and appears to share a mutual crush with Betty, which makes Noah very jealous. Chaz and his sister don't really get along, as his down-to-earth demeanor makes him the black sheep of his otherwise snooty family. When she talks to him, Penelope refers to him by his real name, Charles Lang.

Appearance: Chaz is shown to be muscular and athletic. He usually wears a black hat with a skull imprint, khaki colored pants and a black t-shirt with a red one underneath. He wears a khaki swimsuit when he is at the beach. According to X-5, he has long, brown and floppy hair. Chaz is very attractive, because many girls (most notably Betty Barrett) have fallen for him, although it isn't shown often on the show.

Chaz is unaware of Betty's dual role as a Galactic Guardian, but it is hinted that Betty eventually reveals her secret to him, as in "The Future Is Now!", Chaz is among the Galactic Guardians of 2013.


  • Chaz appears to have a crush on Betty throughout the show's third season. In the show's revival onward, however he will finally appear with his best female friend from private school, Sam, marking them both as main characters.

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