Cosmic Comicon
Season Three, Episode 311b (CA)
Screen shot 2010-10-18 at 8.29.23 PM
Air date Oct/17/2007 (CA), Unaired (US)
Written by Ron Pincombe and Shelley Hoffman
Directed by Alex Savin
Episode guide
Shake Your Booga (CA)
A Hard Day's Fight (CA)

"Cosmic Comicon" is a season three episode of Atomic Betty.


Noah invites Betty to a comic book convention, where he shows her a new comic book he authored, titled Atomic Chick, loosely based on Betty's adventures. While Betty chastises Noah for not keeping her secret, Noah reassures her that a "small indie comic" wouldn't garner much attention — only to find that Atomic Chick is a hit, and everyone is dressed as characters from the comic book. Still, Noah reassures Betty that all names have been "slightly modified to protect the innocent" in order to preserve Betty's secret: Sparky is "Spark Dude", X-5 is "Q-7", and Admiral DeGill is "Commander LeFin" (all three are at the convention, dressed as their Atomic Chick counterparts). Even Regeena is dressed as "Dr. Brainy", the Atomic Chick counterpart to Dr. Cerebral.

Meanwhile, the angry Dr. Cerebral is offended by "Dr. Brainy", and goes after Regeena to steal Brainy's version of a part needed for his doomsday device (unaware that Cerebral himself has the working version and Regeena has the lookalike). Cerebral and Regeena manage to switch their parts, while Betty takes the opportunity to leave with X-5 (who dislikes Noah's portrayal of him being Q-7) to lead a preemptive strike on Cerebral while Cerebral has Regeena's knockoff. However, Cerebral quickly realizes this, and returns to Earth to steal his original back from Regeena. Betty takes the opportunity to take her role as Atomic Chick and disarm Dr. Cerebral; Cerebral is later beaten up by the legions of convention-goers. As for Noah, he intends to make a second issue of Atomic Chick, but abandons the idea after a horde of fans mob him for "original sketches".


  • Second and last season 3 appearance of Dr. Cerebral.
  • This marks the first time that Regeena and Cerebral meet
  • For some reason, this along with Shake Your Booga never aired in the US.



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