Crash Test Noah! is a series of shorts that were shown at the end of several episodes during season three. Each episode focused around Noah acting as a human guinea pig for prototypes of the various devices X-5 creates for the Galactic Guardians.

Body Snatchers


X-5 has Noah strapped to a table for his Bangoon mind-reading experiment. Noah tries to excuse himself, but X-5 starts the experiment anyway. What Noah sees is himself in a candy-filled landscape while Bangoons ride him like a horse. Upon shutting off the machine, X-5 asks him if the experiment worked, but he's too shocked to give a straight answer. After X-5 leaves to try fixing his machine, Noah runs away in terror when a Bangoon approaches him with a cowboy hat.

Animal In-Stinks

Noah tests a collar that allows the wearer to adopt the mannerisms of any animal. X-5 turns the experiment over to the Bangoons when he goes to check on another experiment. Noah is turned into a cat, dog, rabbit, lion, and finally a skunk.

Flight Simulator

As part of his cadet training, Noah takes on a flight simulator, and promptly faints from the high velocity travel.

Super Flash

Noah is running laps on a treadmill when he is chosen to test a new gadget, the Sound Breaker, a belt which gives him enhanced speed. It proves to be a success, however his pants promptly fall off when he takes the belt off, and he runs at an even faster speed to cover himself.

Body Snatchers: Part 2

Noah tests a new prototype of the Bangoon mind-reading machine. However, the machine switches the bodies of Noah and X-5 instead. Noah takes the opportunity to exact revenge.

Strength Training

While strength training, Noah ingests a fruit which grants temporary super strength. However, the fruit wears off as he is lifting a heavy object.

Static Spy

Noah tests out a spy suit that uses static cling to stick to walls and ceilings, only to be trapped within a TV show.


Noah tests a new ID mask that lets him change his head into that of another person. However, it works too well, as Betty attacks him while Noah is disguised as Iciclia.

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