Evil Idol
Season One, Episode 126b
Air date May/22/2005
Written by Pierre Glivier
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"Evil Idol" is the finale episode of Season 1 of Atomic Betty.


The galaxies greatest villains gather at Maximus' citadel to compete to see who can destroy Atomic Betty and be crowned "Evil Idol", and on Betty's birthday too! On Earth, Betty's mom has planned a surprise party to commemorate her daughter's special day. When Betty disappears, Granny keeps making excuses for her, until Granny gets unexpectedly called away herself.


  • MAXIMUS: Whoever wins not only becomes the Evil Idol, but receives the galaxy of Omni Status as a grand prize! 
  • MINIMUS: And the home game! 


  • GOOD MINIMUS: Ooh! Genius! Super genius!
  • EVIL MINIMUS: Not as smart as you, though, boss, heh heh. 


  • ADMIRAL DEGILL: Atomic Betty! It's bad news! Your ship has been hijacked with X-5 and Sparky on board! We think it's a trap. 
  • BETTY: Are you sure? 
  • CAPTAIN CHUCK: Welcome back to our secret trap! Where we destroy Atomic Betty for your viewing pleasure! 
  • ADMIRAL DEGILL: Yes, we're rather sure.


  • MAXIMUS: No Betty, no points!
  • EVIL MINIMUS: I give him one point.
  • GOOD MINIMUS: Ooh, seven for the cake! Ooh! Dee-lish! 


  • BETTY: You are all under arrest! I order you to surrender! And make it fast, I have a party waiting! 
  • MAXIMUS: Welcome to my new reality show! Where the reality is, you aren't going to ANY parties! 


  • MAXIMUS: You're all PATHETIC! I should just do the job myself!  
  • GOOD MINIMUS: Oh, no can do, boss. The rules state: "Judges can't be contestants at the same time". 
  • EVIL MINIMUS: Remember? You wrote the rules! 


  • BETTY: Mmm! Great cake, mum. I guess Penelope had my piece. 


  • MAXIMUS: One day......ONE DAY! I'll GET you, Atomic Betty! What do you say to that!? Ha ha! I am the true Evil Idol! Mwahahahahaha!

Full Summary

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  • We discover that Betty's grandmother is a retired Galactic Guardian.
  • The song playing when Beatrixo comes to rescue Betty and her friends is "That's What I Do".
  • This is the final appearance of The Junior Galactic Guardians League.