The Felinian Race

The Felinians are a diverse race of anthropomorphic cats, arguably the most famous of which is the evil mastermind Maximus I.Q. and the rest of his equally dodgy family such as Max Sr. and Max Sr. Sr..

An unknown threat had done several attacks on the Dogillian homeworld, making it seem as if the Felinians were the source. As the Dogillians massed for war against the Felinians, Atomic Betty and her team traveled to the their home planet to prevent the feud. It was soon revealed by Noah Parker, who had been turned into a Dog for insulting the Dogillian leader, that Maximus was the one behind it. Maximus seeked revenge on his people for banishing him from their homeworld and instigated the war, intending to take the planet of the losing side. The Dogillians found out the truth, restored Noah, and turned Maximus into a dog as punishment.


  • Several of the Felinians seen in Noah's Bark were previously seen in the flashback in Takes One to Know One as Sharbenian. From this, it is likely that the Felinians and the Sharbenians are closely related, with the Felinians lacking the Sharbenian shape-shifting abilities.
  • Other feline aliens have appeared in Atomic Betty, such as Koreena and the cat leader of the Evil Juniors. Though they haven't been identified as Felinians, they presumably are.
  • Another thing to note is that while Maximus and his family have cat tails, the Felinians (as well as Koreena and the cat leader of the Evil Juniors), like the Sharbenians, do not have tails, aside from when they were kittens.

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