Hopper the Chopper


Hopper with his gang

Hopper the Chopper (Ron Pardo) is a humanoid fish alien, space cowboy, and terrorist who robs planets. In "Solar System Surfin'", he tried to transport aquatic wild west sharks, and in its sequel, "The Great Sub-TRAIN-ean Robbery", he tried to hijack a chemical called Polydenum, which could make ordinary steel or any weapon indestructible, from a train, and tied Tex DeGill (Admiral DeGill's brother) onto a train track, but Hopper was stopped and Tex was saved with the help of Lilly Rose (Tex's daughter) who led Betty to a shortcut. Hopper also made an appearance in the Season 2 premiere, "Bracelet Yourself", when he tried sending Sparky, X-5, and the Star Cruiser into the sun. In "Zulia's New Beau", it said he went to the movies with her.

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