Ice Monsters
Season Three, Episode 323b (CA)
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Air date Jan/24/2008 (CA), Jan/5/2011 (US)
Written by Hugh Duffy
Directed by Eddie Soriano
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Fairytale Fate
The Way of the Weiner

"Ice Monsters" is a Season 3 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty puts together a ragtag hockey team to battle the Ice Monsters, an undefeated group led by Iciclia, who has a devious plan.

Full Summary

After being rejected for a local junior hockey team by the school coach for being a girl (over Chaz's objection, as he claims Betty is the best player on the team), Betty learns that the Ice Monsters, a travelling ice hockey team with a female goaltender, is making a stop in Moosejaw to battle the local team, the Prairie Dogs. At the game, she realizes that, as the Prairie Dogs are literally being destroyed on the ice, that one of the Ice Monster players has a Morning star on his arm, raising Betty's suspicions that the Ice Monsters are in fact a group lead by Iciclia and her minion Dingleberry.

Determined to get to the root of Iciclia's plot, she (in civilian attire, which Iciclia does not recognize) challenges the Ice Monsters to a game, to be held that night. While the Ice Monsters accept, she is still short on players; Chaz, Penelope, Megan, and Sarah step up to assist (Penelope, who despises ice hockey, does so both as she believes to be a better skater than Betty, and to prevent Betty from spending time alone with Chaz), and "Coach DeGill" even puts in inspirational words for the ragtag team.

During the game, X-5 discovers that Iciclia has rigged the icemaking equipment of every hockey rink on Earth to overload simultaneously at the end of the game; this would in turn freeze all of Earth. Meanwhile, Betty's ragtag team has held the game scoreless, largely due to Chaz's skill and Penelope's hard checking. Late in the game, Betty is captured between two Ice Monster players. As Iciclia gloats about her plan, Penelope and the Bangoons grab the puck and end up on a 4-on-0 breakaway; Betty's team subsequently wins the contest on the empty-net goal. Undaunted, the Ice Monsters set their plan in motion, only to discover that X-5 had turned the refrigeration unit into a sauna; Admiral DeGill easily apprehends them. Later, Betty is finally accepted on the junior hockey team.


  • This is the final episode with Iciclia (not counting herself cameoing as a disguise in the finale short) and Dingleberry.



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