Infantor (Jonathan Wilson) is a tough-talking, foul-tempered, 1930’s gangster-like evil alien infant who enjoys playing games with his enemies and is more spoiled than Paris Hilton and year-old milk — combined! He thinks the galaxy is his own personal box of toys and, accordingly, he wants and demands everything. He is usually accompanied by his "Termi-Nanny", a robotic henchman designed to look like a nanny. He is very intelligent for his seeming age, and has tried many plans, such as extracting the multi-colored magma from the planets of Colorosia, the most vibrant galaxy in the entire universe, to make his own line of action figures. He also once sucked Betty and her crew into a virtual reality game to fight for their lives according to his rules and used mind controlling chocolate chip cookies to form his own Brat Pack army. In "Family Feuds", it is revealed that he has a younger brother who is bigger than him, literally.


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