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Young Jimmy

Jimmy (William Shatner in "The No-L 9", Gary Krawford in Mission: Earth) is Bea's longtime husband and Betty's maternal grandfather. He was a scientist who was studying the musicality of space rocks. He was lost years earlier, while out in the Lobster Nebula with Bea, due to the asteroid he was on being hit by one ships from an invasion of Fire Saucers sent by the younger Maximus Sr., but was found after many years on The No-L 9, a collection of singing planets in "The No-L 9". Betty manages to find him and bring him home, but not before protecting the planets from Maximus. Since then, he has settled in the Moose Jaw countryside with Bea. He later makes a reappearance in "Wedding Crashers", when Bea and Jimmy decide to organize a "second wedding", attended by both Betty's parents and the entire Galactic Guardian organization.

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