Masticula is a galactic criminal who terrorized the galaxy for centuries, she was a living golem made of a rubbery, protoplasmic putty-like substance and could morph her body into any shape at will. When she was caught, she was convicted by a jury that consisted of Chef Bernadette, Spindly Tam, Zulia, and Admiral DeGill, she was found guilty and frozen on the ice planet Glacius, until Betty's team traveled there to stop an asteroid from crashing into it. Sparky was using a portable oven to cook pancakes and accidentally left it there, melting the ice, and freeing Masticula, who sought out and captured all the members of the jury that convicted her, taking them to Glacius and sentencing them to be frozen as she was, however, she was defeated by Betty and her team and was frozen once again. (The Revenge of Masticula)

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