Maxmius Displeasure
Season One, Episode 106a
Air date Oct/10/2004
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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"Maxmius Displeasure" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty must stop Maximus from releasing a biochemical compound on the galaxy, and return home in time to clean up her mom's garden.

Full Summary

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  • BETTY: Atomic Betty reporting for duty!
  • ADMIRAL DEGILL: I have a mission of the utmost importance! Our sources indicate--why are you covered in mud?
  • BETTY: I'm....brushing up on my foraging skills, sir.
  • ADMIRAL DEGILL: Very good. You never know when you might find yourself marooned on some desolate planet, with no potable water or cheese snacks about.


  • BETTY: Aha! Now what have we got here?
  • X-5: It's a small, cylindrical glass vessel containing an unknown liquid, held in place by a piece of unidentified metal, which appears to be conducting current-carrying properties.
  • BETTY & SPARKY: Huh?
  • X-5: A vial, being held in place by a magnet.


  • MAXIMUS: Yes, yes, YES! My bio-weapon is finally finished!
  • EVIL MINIMUS: Well! It's about time!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: It's about time someone came up with such a great idea! Ooh, splendid work, Master!


  • BETTY: Excellent work, X-5! But how did you do that?
  • X-5: Simple. I merely activated the current-carrying conductor to create an electro-magnetic field to attract the iron properties in the liquid.
  • BETTY & SPARKY: Huh?
  • X-5: I turned on the magnet.
  • ...
  • BETTY: Your evil plan's been foiled again, Maximus!
  • MAXIMUS: UGGGGH! Curse you, Atomic Betty! You! You! You! Girl.


  • (Minimus pulls himself up.)
  • MAXIMUS: GAAAAAH! Idiot! That was my tail!
  • MINIMUS: Oh...oh Master....should I....let go?
  • MAXIMUS: Yes.......


  • The scene where Betty says "Hand over the vial, you cunning criminal!" shares the same animation as when Roxanne says "Who is this imposter?!" in The Trouble With Triplets.