Minimus P.U.
Minimus P.U.
(Len Carlson) is the biogenetically-engineered assistant for Maximus I.Q. and a fan favourite. The "P.U." has been stated to stand for "Portable Underling". Minimus can withstand "extremely high" levels of "verbal and physical abuse" from Maximus. Minimus's "swivel-head" feature allows him to switch between his two faces, one being a sycophant, and the other a grumbler. Depending on Minimus' mood, his head will swivel around to the appropriate face with a loud clicking sound; the other face, when not in use, has its eyes closed and is considered dormant. He, like Maximus, is also a liar... two-faced, you could say. Though frequently abused, he remains the top underling of Maximus.

Despite having been claimed to be feline-looking, his design makes him more chimp-like in appearance, especially when (during the episode The Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde) his head was stuck in grumbler mode, he transformed into a giant, hulking, ape-like beast.


  • His 'good' face sports eyes with white sclera and black pupils, while his 'evil' face's eyes have yellow sclera and red pupils.
  • His voice changes as his face changes. His 'evil' voice is gruff and accusing, while the voice of his 'good' side is meek and somewhat nasally.
  • Minimus has a strong rivalry with The Chameleon, due to Chameleon's wanting of Minimus's position as Maximus's top underling.
  • He is the only main character who has no mentioned parents, siblings or relatives.