Minimus P.U.
Minimus P.U.
(Len Carlson, in Season 1 & 2 and Dwayne Hill in Mission: Earth) is a biogenetically-engineered assistant for Maximus and a fan favorite. "P.U." has been stated to stand for "Portable Underling" or "Petty Underling" and is said by Minimus to be Dutch. Minimus can withstand "extremely high" levels of "verbal and physical abuse" from Maximus. Minimus's "swivel-head" feature allows him to switch between his two faces, one being a sycophant, the other a grumbler. Depending on Minimus' mood, his head will swivel around to display the appropriate face with a loud clicking sound; the other face, when not in use, has its eyes closed and is considered dormant. He, like Maximus, is also a liar... two-faced, you could say. Though frequently abused, he remains the top underling of Maximus, though it is only in Mission Earth that he is more aware of his master's abuses.

In Mission: Earth, viewers learn that he is very lonely and desires company; he happily plays with the captured Noah in "No Space Like Home" - much to Maximus' chagrin - and many ending sketches depict him as being friends with Sparky. Also, in one sketch, he claims his full name is Minimus Von Petty Underling. The name is Dutch (or so he says). Despite having been claimed to be feline-looking, his design makes him more chimp-like in appearance, especially when (during the episode Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde) his head was stuck in grumbler mode, he transformed into a giant, hulking, ape-like beast.


Minimus was voiced by Len Carlson until his death in 2006, and is currently voiced by Dwayne Hill.

His 'good' face sports eyes with white sclera and black pupils, while his 'evil' face's eyes have yellow sclera and red pupils.

His voice changes as his face changes. His 'evil' voice is gruff and accusing, while the voice of his 'good' side is meek and somewhat nasally.

He is the only character who has no mentioned parents or siblings.

Minimus' grumbler face's voice resembles that of Buzz from Cyberchase.


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