No Business Like Snow Business
Season One, Episode 119a
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Air date Mar/27/2005
Written by Rob Davies and Mike Kubat
Directed by Ridd Sorenson
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"No Business Like Snow Business" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty and her crew must stop an army of Abomo-Neutrino Snowmen led by Iciclia from attacking the Temple of the Stars on the wintery planet Nordikhan. Spindly Tam arrives to help the temple monks protect the Nexus Globe, a small, snow globe like device that houses an alternate universe that Iciclia wants to capture and rule over. Betty uses some hockey skills she learned on Earth to battle Iciclia.


  • SPINDLY TAM KANUSHU: Quickly! You must take the globe to DeGill!
  • BETTY: But why me?
  • SPINDLY TAM KANUSHU: Oh, it's in the prophesies. Pages three thousand and seventy-two through ninety-three, I think.


  • ICICLIA: Mine! An entire universe to behold my exquisite beauty! Ooooh! Bubble wrap! Ha ha!


  • SARAH: Oh wow! He's good! Oh my gosh! He's skating this way!
  • PENELOPE: Yoo-hoo! Ooh! Over here!
  • BETTY: What's the matter, Penelope? Lose your glasses?

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