Once Bitten, Twice Slimed
Season Two, Episode 17b
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Air date Apr/21/2006 (CA), Nov/09/2010 (US)
Written by Jono Howard
Directed by Kent Reimer
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"Once Bitten, Twice Slimed" is a season two episode of Atomic Betty.


Zulia unwittingly helps Max Sr. escape from prison and the two elope! Meanwhile, Purrsy is celebrating a birthday and Betty has to pick up the cake, and keep it safe on the mission.

Full Summary

Inside the prison, Max Sr. and his gang get a package from Max's pen pal, which is a cake containing many items, plus disguises, to help them escape. Later, the gang escape from prison and hijack a hippie's ship, heading to Zulia's. When they arrive, Max tells Zulia about how they knew one another from heart to heart, charming and proposing to her, much to her delight.

Meanwhile, Betty has trouble trying to balance Purrsy's birthday cake, due to being asked to pick it up before she gets called to duty. After she teleports, while telling Sparky not to eat the cake, Admiral DeGill informs her about Max Sr. escaping from prison, continuing his crime spree (by stealing money, jewels, and the wedding ring) with a new accomplice (though they do not know that the accomplice is Sparky's mom).

Later, Zulia, while informing Max about her rich friends, asks for the necessary items for the wedding, with Max knowing where to get the items. At the outlet mall, the Guardians arrive, where the Berillium Boys are robbing the necessary items for the wedding. Betty and crew try to stop them, though Max, however, stalls them and they escape from the guardians. Later, Max kidnaps Captain Chuck, the usual announcer for news, due to the fact captains can marry people.

At the citadel, Maximus, after watching the news about his father and hoping he gets captured before his arrival, receives a wedding invitation and discovers, to his horror, that it's at his own home. Maximus, when seeing his father, is understandably ticked while his father only reassures him. As the guardians arrive, Minimus fires at them while the heroes dodge the lasers. Sparky, frustrated he can't eat Purrsy's cake, sends it down toward where the wedding was set up. Just as the wedding is about to start, Betty and her friends arrive, crashing the wedding. Then, to Sparky's shock, he learns that it is his mom that is getting married to Max Sr.

Both Maximus and Sparky began protesting on why neither of them should marry, though Minimus finds the situation a little humorous. Just then, the wedding finally comes to a complete halt when the other Guardians arrive. At that moment, Max's true colours are revealed as he holds Zulia hostage and demands all the cash and jewels, kicking Sparky away when he tries grabbing his mom. Then, just like before when Zulia dated Maximus, Sparky's mom furiously hits Max Sr. with her handbag, prompting Maximus to remember why he left Zulia in the first place.

Finally, as things start going back to normal (with Betty and Maximus agreeing to never speak of it again), Zulia asks Maximus if she knew him somewhere, forcing himself to quickly fake his voice and hide his face. Finally, Betty arrives home with the cake, though she trips on a squeaky mouse, with the cake landing on Purrsy while her mom scolds on her for not being careful, with Betty sighing in frustration.


  • This is the first Season 2 appearance of Max Sr. and the Berillium Boys.
  • If Zulia and Max Sr. had married, then Sparky and Maximus would have become stepbrothers.
  • Sparky would also have become The Betty Clones' uncle.
  • Maximus's previous love affair with Zulia from Slime Of The Century is referred to in this episode.
  • This is the first episode in which Maximus I.Q. is present, but is not the villain, the other two being Good Kitty and Takes One to Know One.