Power of the Pharaoh
Season One, Episode 115b (CA)
Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 12.27.10 AM
Written by Jackie May
Directed by Ridd Sorenson
Episode guide
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"Power of the Pharaoh'" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


The mothership of the ancient Pharotines (alien races that built the Pyramids on Earth and other planets) has been discovered and now their secrets may fall into the wrong hands (i.e. Maximus') Betty follows Maximus to the ship where they must battle booby traps, alien mummies, and an enormous pharaoh. Meanwhile, Betty's Diary is stolen by Penople and she tries to open it.

Full Summary

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  • Penelope reads Betty's diary, but she thinks it's a fictional story.



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