Return of the Pharaoh
Season Two, Episode 204b (CA)
Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 12.48.50 AM
Air date Nov/11/2005 (CA)
Written by Rob Davies and Adrian Raeside
Directed by Kent Reimer
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Werewolves on Zeebot (CA)
Pop Goes the Maxx (CA)

"Return of the Pharaoh" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


The Pharaoh of the ancient Pharotines has returned--only this time he's working alone, summoning ships from all across the galaxy in order to form an indestructible monster-bot. Betty and her crew are sent to investigate--but are forced to take along Commander Lamphray, DeGill's Beverly-Hills surfer nephew who had just recently gotten out of the Galactic Guardian Academy. On Earth, Betty, Paloma, and Penelope compete in a chili-cooking competition in order to gain a free pass to the coolest amusement park in Moosejaw Heights.

Full Summary

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