Rodeo Robots
Season Three, Episode 303b
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Air date Oct/02/2007 (CA), Oct/23/2010 (US)
Written by Norm Lauzon
Directed by Jeff Agala
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Aarrgh...It Be 'Olidays!
Who's the Baby Now?

"Rodeo Robots" is a Season 3 episode of Atomic Betty.


Dr. Cerebral has kidnapped Robo Betty and reprogramed her to attack the real Betty, who is at a rodeo with her family.

Full Summary

Betty and her crew is with her uncle Charlie, where they are enjoying the Moose Jaw Heights Rodeo. Sparky is ecstatic, not because he has never been to a rodeo, but because of the prospects of food. When Charlie asks Betty and company if they want to ride a horse, Sparky insists on riding the untamable horse, Thunderbolt. Meanwhile, Dr. Cerebral has arrived at Crushton, intent on finding spare parts for his latest scheme to destroy Atomic Betty. He discovers a robot remote control, which he dismisses, before discovering Robo-Betty, helping B-1 restore his space cruiser. Robo-Betty is abducted by Cerebral, and leads him to Galactic Guardian Headquarters. Back at the rodeo, Admiral DeGill, also at the rodeo, gets word of Robo-Betty's abduction and orders Betty to stop Cerebral. While distracted by Chaz, Betty and X-5 are discovered by Cerebral. As Betty escapes Cerebral's gunfire, X-5 tries to confront Robo-Betty, only to be kicked onto Sparky, still riding Thunderbolt. X-5 manages to tame Thunderbolt, and the two of them together return to assist Betty. Meanwhile, while Robo-Betty has a temporary malfunction after she meets Chaz, Betty has gained the upper hand on Cerebral. However, this would not last: as Cerebral accidentally throws out a rubber snake that he had won from inadvertently being knocked into a carnival game, it spooks Sparky and X-5 off Thunderbolt, knocking the two on Betty and allowing Robo-Betty to tie the three up. Strapping Betty and her crew on a rocket-powered steer, Cerebral and Robo-Betty celebrate their victory in front of a grandstand full of fans just as B-1 arrives from Crushton. B-1 manages to use a tow line to stop the steer, but Robo-Betty manages to knock B-1 out of his cruiser. B-1 confronts Robo-Betty directly, causing Cerebral's remote control to wear off. Robo-Betty destroys the remote control herself, just as Betty and her crew free themselves, with Thunderbolt's assistance. Cerebral is chased off Earth by his rocket steer, while B-1 and Robo-Betty take their leave. The episode ends as Betty and Chaz finally enjoy a line dance together, while Sparky and X-5 ride on top of Thunderbolt into the sunset.


  • For some reason, Robo-Betty's eyes became red and the way she was recreated was when she was a robot baby, yet she was rebuilt to look like Betty's age in the other eps.
  • This is the final appearance of Robo-Betty.



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