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The Sharbenians were the native species of the planet Sharbena. They were a race of beings who possessed the ability to shapeshift into any living creature they desire. The people of the planet had lived in peace and prosperity lasting for eons, due to no army being able to beat a race that could mimic them down to the last detail. However, Golgotha, the queen of the planet, had unsuccessfully tried to convince her own people that their powers were divine, and that the rightful place for the Sharbenians was as rulers of the universe. In response to their defiance of her statement, she unleashed an evil demon among the people, bringing a reign of terror across the galaxy. The people of Sharbena could not stop it, for the demon was not a living creature and could not be duplicated. The planet's civilization was completely destroyed, however, the Order of Golgotha still maintains a shrine to her among the ruins of the planet. (Takes One to Know One)


  • Several of the Sharbenians seen in the flashback in Takes One to Know One are also seen in Noah's Bark as Felinians. From this, it is likely that the Sharbenians and the Felinians are closely related, with the Felinians lacking the Sharbenian shape-shifting abilities.