Sharbenian Demon

The Beluvian Demon is the father of Paloma and Pandora. Years ago, he was summoned by Golgotha to terrorize her people of the planet Sharbena. Golgotha ended up falling in love with the demon, and they swept the galaxy on a reign of terror. However, they were defeated by a group of the galaxy's fiercest warriors, who banded together to form the first Galactic Guardians. The demon was imprisoned in a mystic box while Golgotha fled into hiding, where she gave birth to the demon's children, twin girls.

Years later, his daughter, Pandora, attempted to free him by collecting the key to the box and use it along with Paloma's life force, the demon was released briefly, but was imprisoned back in the box by Paloma along with Pandora. (Takes One to Know One)


  • The design was inspired by ether the Devil, an Oni (Japanese demon) or a Cham dance costume.