Solar System Surfin'
Season One, Episode 115a (CA)
Written by Rob Davies and Adrian Raeside
Directed by Dennise Fordham
Episode guide
Crass Menagerie (CA), Slime of the Century (US)
Power of the Pharaoh (CA), Winter Carnival (US)

"Solar System Surfin'" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty goes below the surface of Ainrofilac Ubilam, and discovers a sort of aquatic wild west, where sharks are corralled like horses and shark riding outlaws run amok. Betty must stop the outlaw leader, a space cowboy by the name of Hopper the Chopper, and return to Earth to stop that "shark" Penelope from using Noah to cheat on an essay.


  • HOPPER: Go back to where you came from, strangers! You have no place on Ainrofilac Ubilam! This here's our land!
  • X-5: Actually, it's not land. It's water.


  • SPARKY: X-5, activate your nuclear vacuum switch!
  • X-5: I'm sorry. I've gone off seafood.


  • SPARKY: Wave bomb! Cowabunga, dude!

Full Summary

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