Sparky (voiced by Canadian actor Rick Miller) is Galactic Guardians' captain Atomic Betty's alien lieutenant and is also the pilot of the Starcruiser with pointed elf like ears, a large, round olive green nose, light green colored skin, and light blue colored hair, and his species is known as Neutropians. Although he is sometimes a bit reckless, and often more interested in other things, such as eating (mostly), surfing, or girls than the current Galactic Guardian mission he is on, he is nevertheless very loyal to both Betty and X-5, and endeavors to do his very best at all times. Also, despite the immaturity that he expresses in various things such as quarreling with the robot navigator and his fellow crew member, X-5, he is shown throughout the early episodes of the TV series to be very skilled at both piloting the Starcruiser and being a combatant.


Sparky is shown to be fun loving and loyal. He also gets distracted often and does things that are ridiculous. He is seen quarrelling with X-5 on various occasions, and seems to enjoy teasing him about being a boring robot. Sparky's mother, Zulia, has a bad habit of dating (male) criminals (Maximus I.Q. and later on, his father, Max Sr). Sparky is protective of his mother because of this fact. His favourite snack seems to be Bundonkian pig snouts, whether pickled, roasted or grilled.



  • Sparky's species, known as Neutropians, have four stomachs, which is what causes him to be constantly hungry.
  • Sparky is revealed in an episode to be an expert in figure skating.
  • Sparky has an extreme allergy to Earth cats (as seen with Purrsy in "Furball For The Sneeze".)
  • In "The X-Rays" it is was revealed that Sparky has one sister. She was never seen on screen, but mentioned in a voice mail Zulia left for Sparky telling him to take his sister to a ballet recital.
  • Similar to Betty's personal rivalry with Maximus, Sparky seems to have a personal rivalry with Minimus.