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Sparky vs. Minimus is a series of shorts that were shown at the end of several episodes during season three. Each episode focused around Sparky and Minimus competing to see who is better at a particular task.

Who Can Pick Up The Most Girls?

Sparky's attempts at being a ladies' man fail after being punched out by Penelope, while Minimus wins by literally catching Penelope and Regeena in a net.

Who's The Best Rapper?

Sparky, accompanied by Betty and X-5, raps about his life as a Galactic Guardian, while Minimus, accompanied by Pontifidora and Infantor, rap about being an underling. Sparky wins after Minimus manages to offend Maximus in one of his lines.

Who's The Most Extreme?

Sparky and Minimus compete in a series of extreme sports events, which all end in a tie. Minimus concedes defeat when he is forced off of a skydiving plane without a parachute. Unfortunately, Sparky's parachute gets caught in a tree branch hanging from a cliff.

Who's The Best Dancer?

Sparky and Minimus dance off at a nightclub in Moose Jaw. Both tire out from exhaustion, and the contest is declared a tie.