Takes One to Know One
Season Two, Episode 227 (CA)
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Air date Jun/23/2006 (CA), Nov/25/2010 (US)
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by David Woodgate
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"Takes One to Know One" is a season two episode of Atomic Betty and the season finale.


Betty has been invited to Noah's place, where he is about to demonstrate to her a satellite radio (that inadvertently eavesdrops on Admiral DeGill's personal activities). Leaving, she sees Paloma being chased by Duncan as a result of a prank. Before Duncan can catch either of them, a spaceship appears out of nowhere and abducts Paloma, to Betty's horror. Beaming aboard her ship, she discovers that Sparky and X-5 are being held hostage by Paloma's younger sister, Juanita. Demanding an explanation, Juanita explains that she is, in fact, a Galactic Guardian who is responsible for Paloma's safety. Betty and her crew is forced to accept help from Juanita to save Paloma.

Paloma is, in fact, one of the twin daughters of Golgotha, whose people have the ability to shapeshift into any animal. However, Golgotha became power-hungry, and unleashed a demon who could not be transformed into on her own people; the demon is, in fact, Paloma's father. Without the ability to transform into the demon, Golgotha terrorized her own people, until the couple was ultimately defeated by the best warriors from the other planets. These warriors, in turn, banded together to form the first generation of Galactic Guardians. Since then, the demon had been sealed within a box under Spindly Tam Kanushu's care, and the key to unlocking the box was hidden in a ceramic duck that Maximus had recently acquired. For some time, Paloma's twin sister, Pandora, has tried to secure both of these items, and on one occasion Paloma was the cause of her defeat. Since then, Paloma had been placed in a witness protection program, and assumed a normal life on Earth; Juanita had incorrectly assumed that the presence of Betty would allow her to loosen her guard; however Betty had never learned of Paloma's secret.

Meanwhile, Pandora has managed to secure both of the artifacts needed to resurrect her father, defeating both Spindly Tam and Maximus, and has captured Paloma as one of her sacrifices. Betty is forced to team up with Maximus (intending to recover the stolen duck) in order to mount an attack on Pandora's base. However, it is too late: the demon has resurrected. The combined force of Betty and Maximus is unable to defeat the demon, but Paloma, from within captivity, is able to free herself, and seal her father and her twin sister in the box, using the good powers that she had inherited from her father. The box is returned back to Spindly Tam's temple, while the key somehow finds its way into Noah's possession, overloading the satellite radio and teleporting him into Maximus' citadel. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Maximus returns to his own citadel, with Noah in his personal quarters.


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Part 2 Title Card

  • This storyline continues in the season 3 premiere (which is also a two-part episode)
  • This is Len Carlson's last episode before his death
  • After the end credits, a memorium is shown, reading, "In Memory of Len Carlson-The Greatest Character of All
  • Like half of season 2, it hasn't aired in the US due to Cartoon Network's mishandling of the show. It finally aired on The Hub, however when the show returned to the US.
  • Originally, Noah appeared in the citadel naked, but upon the creation of Season Three, the episode ending was edited so that he arrived fully clothed.
  • The episode Mad Maximus has a decoy box of the demon as a plot element. Notably, the demon hologram from that box sounds and looks exactly the same as Paloma's father shown in this episode.



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