The Big Dig
Season Three, Episode 306a
Air date Oct/5/2007 (CA), Nov/07/2010 (US)
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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"The Big Dig" is a season three episode of Atomic Betty.

Full Summary

While trying to dig a new private swimming pool in Galactic Guardian headquarters, the Bangoons unearth a rare and valuable Zirwinian Opal. Because the news of the opal being found could attract treasure hunters and compromise the secret location of Headquarters, Betty is tasked with maintaining both its proper storage, but Admiral DeGill also tells her to keep the mission secret. Returning to the surface, Noah, who had been skateboarding Betty when she was summoned alone, chastises Betty over leaving him in the dark; Betty reluctantly tells her mission to him, but also warns him to keep it a secret. Later at school, Noah shares the secret to Sparky, who, being a gossiper, spreads the news to everyone he finds. The gold rush mentality spreads, attracting the attentions of Max Sr. and Hopper the Chopper, who journey to Earth, intending to take the treasures for themselves. When Betty gets word of the news spreading, she quickly chastises Noah for telling Sparky, before receiving orders to stop Hopper. However, she fails to either stop Hopper or Max Sr., who had arrived shortly after, in separate attacks.

Back at headquarters, the situation is getting worse: treasure diggers have nearly dug their way into the roof of headquarters and also interrupting the planned swim DeGill planned. To prevent further damage to headquarters, Betty has Noah spread a (fabricated) rumor to the supposed treasure's exact location, underneath the Jackamoose statue, and also the fact that the treasure is cursed. As Noah and Sparky prepare to dig the (planted) treasure, both Hopper and Max Sr. appear to jump their claims; upon discovering each other, the two groups turn on each other and fight (while it showed the Berrilium Boys and Max Sr. can put up a fight as do Hopper and his gang) before a giant golden Jackamoose (a large robot piloted by Betty, X-5, and Admiral DeGill) appears to scare both groups away. As for the townspeople, Sparky reveals the treasure to be nothing more than a box of chocolate chip cookies. After the townspeople leave while Betty and Noah fall down a hole, An actually real Jackamoose, who notices Sparky eating some of his cookies, snatches back his food before leaving. Leaving unhappily, knowing that people won't believe what he saw, Sparky finally falls into the same hole as well.


  • First Season 3 Appearance of Hopper the Chopper
  • First Season 3 Appearance of Max Sr.
  • This is the only episode in which Max Sr. appears without having Maximus IQ being involved.
  • Final appearance of Max Sr.'s two sidekicks.
  • When Noah went down the ramp and crashed in the skate park, that is the same animation from the episode Wizard of Orb when Noah was in the contest and failed by crashing.



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