Case of the Missing Kanushu
Season Three, Episode 225a (CA)
Air date Jun/16/2006 (CA), Nov/23/2010 (US)
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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License DeGill
Devolution City

"Case of the Missing Kanushu" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty is called to Spindly Tam's fortress to investigate his mysterious disappearance whilst, on Earth, Noah presents a rare coin for show-and-tell.

Full Summary

Noah arrives to school, showing everyone his dubloon coin which was taken from Patch Eye Pat by his ancestor in the Queen's navy. However, Duncan believes it to be fake. Both Betty and Noah discuss on how to prove it's real before Betty takes off, being informed by Admiral DeGill that Kanushu has been missing for several days and investigates, this time with the admiral himself.

When the crew arrive to the seemingly abandoned dojo during rain, the four begin to investigate, though Sparky's a bit reluctant at first. When they arrive to one of the rooms, Betty and co are ambushed by hooded robots, which they quickly take care of. As they continue on, they are being watched by a camera while someone, Koreena, watches through the security camera, laughing cruelly as she looks at her captive, Kanushu in an orb he could not break out of as she remarks that everything's going according to plan.

Back on Earth, Noah, while studying molecules in biology class, is picked on by Duncan about his "ancestor" showing him a fake toenail. Back with the heroes, the four arrived to another room filled with robots. When Sparky tries leaving, he gets electrically charged by a part of the floor, which X-5 points that they could only go in one direction. Just then, the robots activate as the four quickly take care of the robots with DeGill commandeering some cappuccino at a nearby table.

At another area, Betty and co arrive to where a bridge was placed in over some acid. Just then, they are attacked by robotic wasps with the four preparing to attack. Many are taken care of, though one red wasp arrives, with DeGill telling Betty, X-5, and Sparky to run. Just then, to Betty's horror, DeGill (in what looked like a tribute to the Lord of the Rings trilogy), slams a piece of an already destroyed wasp arm down on the bridge, though nothing happens. Just then, the wasp slams down toward the fish, destroying the bridge and causing the admiral to fall down with it, much to their horror.

Later, the remaining trio arrive to the dojo where they are confronted by Koreena and her robots with Kanushu released from his prison. There, Koreena explains about her past grudge and saying that she was top student, although Betty reveals that Koreena was lazy and only focused on games while cheating on tests, before she sends out her robots to attack them while Koreena fights Betty. During the fight, DeGill is revealed to be alive (riding the giant red wasp) as they fight her robots and Koreena vows revenge. Despite Koreena, after being captured, apologizing during being painfully grabbed, Kanushu plans to ensure she would be punished.

Back on Earth, Betty comes back and shows up just as Noah prepares to present his project. At that moment, the teacher, Miss Douchery, gasps at Noah's coin, which proves that the coin is indeed very real, much to Noah's delight while Duncan fumes in anger.


  • Despite her being important, this is the only episode Koreena appears in.
  • Degill made a reference to the Lord of the Rings saying, "You shall not pass."



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