The Cheerleaders of Doom
Season Two, Episode 211b (CA)
Air date Mar/10/2006 (CA), Nov/01/2010 (US)
Written by Morgan Barnes
Directed by David Woodgate
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"The Cheerleaders of Doom" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


The Betty Clones as cheerleaders.


The evil Betty triplets are back, now as cheerleaders who can hypnotize people with their cheers. On Earth, Penelope is appointed hall monitor and lets the power go to her head.

Full Summary

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  • Paloma makes a cameo in this episode, and it is the last time we see her wearing her pink shirt.
  • When the Betty Clones are first seen in their cheerleader outfits, they have the real Betty's eye color. However for the rest of the episode, Optica's eyes are red, Destructa's eyes are yellow, and Roxanne's eyes are blue.
  • The red Betty Clone's eyes are darker in this episode than in The Trouble with Triplets.
  • This episode confirms the names of the ones cloned being used on the clones.
  • Optica's pom-poms are a slightly lighter red than all the other cheerleading pom-poms seen on this episode (except for Destructa and Roxanne's pom-poms which are orange and blue).



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