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The Pharaoh

The Pharaoh is the enormous pharaoh of the ancient Pharotines (alien races that built the Egyptian Pyramids on Earth and other planets). Betty and Maximus journeyed into the Pharaoh's mothership full of booby traps, alien mummies, and the Pharaoh himself. The Pharaoh of the Pharotines then returned and started to summon ships from all across the galaxy in order to form an indestructible monster-bot, but was stopped by Betty and her crew. The Pharaoh returned in the Season 3 episode "Night of the Living Mummies" , when Betty went to Penelope's party at a museum where Penelope's dad named an Egyptian wing after his daughter. During the party, Penelope stumbled onto a magic necklace that brought all of the mummies and the Pharaoh in the museum to life, but they were stopped by Betty.

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