The Trouble with Triplets
Season One, Episode 116a (CA)
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Air date Mar/6/2005 (US)
Written by Rob Davies and Adrian Raeside
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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Power of the Pharaoh (CA), And the Winner is... (US)
Spider Betty

"The Trouble with Triplets'" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Maximus uses the DNA from a lock of Betty's hair to create "better" versions of her that reek havoc throughout the galaxy, while Betty gets blamed for the destruction and is pursued by the authorities. Betty must pursue Maximus and her clones and return to Earth in time to clog dance at the Heritage Days celebration.

Full Summary

It all begins at a diner where everyone is having lunch. Soon, Betty comes in (from our point of view, she looks orange) and attacks the diner. Meanwhile, in Moose Jaw, Betty is getting ready to clog dance when suddenly her bracelet goes off. She and her crew head on to the diner to investigate until suddenly, the authorities quickly turn onto her and are about to arrest her when she (along with her crew) escape into an asteroid field. Admiral Degill tells her that the diner she just went to was just one of the few targets that were turned over by someone looking like her. He tells her that she has 24 hours to clear her name and after that, she'll have to turn herself in and the galaxy will know her as Atomic Betty: Criminal. The scene cuts to Maximus's lair where he describes his evil plans on how he created The Betty Clones. Back at earth, Betty's dad gets worried about Betty and sends Noah to find her. Later, Sparky points out another Betty sighting on Celebra and they head out to check out the show. The imposter Betty (blue Betty Clone) attacks one of the citizens of Celebra just as the real Betty shows up. The two girls fight and at one point, it looks like the blue Betty Clone can stretch her arm to amazing lengh and tie up the real Betty, but real Betty takes care of that as she uses her bracelet to activate the ship's laser and zaps blue Betty Clone and lock her up. They thought it was over, until the two other Betty Clones show up, overpower the Galactic Guardians and take them to Maximus's lair. Betty initiates a pillow fight between the three Betty Clones to get Maximus to unlock the cage and let her deal with them. After the fight, Betty heads back home to clog dance and everyone really enjoyed it.


  • First appearance of the Betty Clones
  • It's also the first actual non-cameo appearance of Beatrixo (though without speaking).
  • The title is a play on the Star Trek: Original Series episode Trouble with Tribbles.
  • From this point onward, all other episodes of Atomic Betty are shown in their Canada aired order instead of being shuffled.
  • The Betty Clones powers are based off The Fantastc Four.
  • The laser swords that Maximus and Betty fight with are similar to lightsabers from Star Wars.
  • The scene where Roxanne said "Who is this imposter?!" shares the same animation in Maximus Displeasure where Betty said "Hand over the vial, you cunning criminal!".



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