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Time Machine

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X-5's time machine prototypes

A Time Machine was a device capable of travelling through time.

After years of work and over 1,057 attempts, X-5 managed to complete a working time machine on Atomic Betty's birthday. As a sign of the accomplishment, Admiral DeGill was ordered to present the time machine to The Galactic Council. However, this was a trap set by Maximus, who disguised himself and Minimus as the council and managed to capture the time machine and traveled into the future, to the year 2013, with Sparky, X-5, Beatrixo, and Admiral DeGill as hostages. A downcast Betty and Noah, both having eluded capture, returned to Betty's birthday party, where a hand-me-down "re-gift" from Penelope inspired her to repair one of X-5's prototype time machine (its only flaw being that it turned its occupants into gelatin) to full working order and travel to the future.

Betty and Noah arrived in the year 2013 to find a dystopic Moose Jaw, Maximus having taken control of Earth, and the Galactic Guardians had been reduced to a small pocket of resistance, consisting of the seventeen-year-old Betty, as well as Noah, Chaz, Regeena, and Penelope. After the prototype time machine was destroyed, the Galactic Guardians of the present and future launched an attack against Maximus in his Earth stronghold on Beatrixo's farm in a bid to capture the original time machine, which resulted in their own capture. After gloating that the four present-day hostages were scattered about the universe, the present Betty managed to trick Maximus into "repairing" his time machine (ostensibly to prevent motion sickness by its occupants), before a timely distraction by the future Penelope allowed Betty and Noah to take the time machine themselves and travel back to the past.

Back in the present, Betty convinced X-5 to present the flawed prototype instead of the working model, and the others of Maximus' impending trap. The better-equipped Galactic Guardians managed to drive off Maximus, but Maximus managed to capture the prototype time machine. When he tried to use it, it predictably fails, turning him and Minimus into gelatin. Meanwhile, Betty, Noah, and Beatrixo returned to the birthday party, where their secret was accidentally leaked to Penelope (on a note written by the future Penelope planted on Noah's clothing), who simply believed the galactic secret to be a fabrication. (The Future Is Now!)

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