A timeline of events in the Atomic Betty Universe.

Pre-Season 1

  • The Galactic Guardians are formed.
  • The Sharbenian Demon is sealed within a box.
  • Golgotha gives birth to Paloma and Pandora.
  • Betty starts learning her kung fu from Spindly Tam Kanushu.
  • Betty becomes a Galactic Guardian
  • Sparky and X-5 becomes Betty's partners in fighting evil in the galaxy.

(More to Come)

Season 1

to be added

Season 2

to be added

Season 3

to be added

Season 4

to be added

Season 5

to be added

Season 6

to be added

Season 7

to be added

Atomic Betty Redux

  • Atomic Betty continues her career as a Galactic Guardian into her adolesence. (Atomic Betty)

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