[Title card.]
[ Betty walks into Sparky and X-5's room, and sees them, along with Admiral DeGill laughing at something.]

Betty: Hey guys, what's so funny?

Sparky: Noah left his webcam on by accident!

Betty: It isn't nice to be spying on....[she looks] What?

[On the holo screen, we see Noah playing with hand puppets of himself and Betty]

Noah: [Slightly high pitched voice] Oh Noah, you're so strong and brave, thank you for saving my life again. [Normal voice] No need to thank me, Betty, its all part of being the number one Galactic Guardian of all time. [high pitched] Oh Noah, I don't know what I was thinking hanging around that stupid Chaz.

[As he makes the puppets kiss, the screen is turned off, they look and see a blushing Betty holding the plug.]

Sparky: [holding a picture of Noah, mockingly] Oh Noah, your so brave and sweet!

DeGill: [holding a picture of Chaz, mockingly] Oh Chaz, your so cute and super cool!

[Betty glares and crosses her arms, furiously blushing as they make kissing sounds, she pounds her fist into her open palm, later we see X-5, Sparky, and DeGill tied up and drifting through space.]

Sparky: I'm Betty, I get mad when people make fun of me and my boyfriends! [he laughs, it then subsides and he clears his throat] She's not coming back, is she?

X-5: Highly unlikely. [his antenna droops.]

Sparky: Huh, well, I spy, with my little eye....

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