[Title card.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, Noah walks in, X-5 examines a test tube, a pair of red collars are on the table in front of him and a Bangoon is swinging from a vine, chattering like a monkey.]

Noah: What's up with the Bangoons? Their acting like monkeys.

[One is about to eat a banana, when the other swings down and grabs it]

X-5: It is my newest invention. [Holds up the collar.] The wearer of this collar assumes the characteristics of any animal that I have in my database.

[The Bangoons are now hitting each other with large bones]

Noah: Cool! [he picks it up] I want to try!

X-5: Excellent enthusiasm.

[He straps the collar to Noah's neck and pushes a button on a remote control, Noah's eyes flash, he crouches and purrs like a cat, he rubs up against X-5]

X-5: I hate cats. [he pushes another button, Noah's eyes flash and he barks like a dog and pants, his tongue hanging out, X-5 pats his head] Who is my good doggy? [he takes a bone from a Bangoon and waves it in front of Noah, who jumps happily] Is it you? Yes it is. [he throws the bone, Noah bounds off after it] I have to check on another experiment. [He and Noah, who know has the bone in his mouth, walk up to the Bangoons, X-5 pushes a button and hands the device to them] The Bangoons will take it from here.

[Noah stands up, back to normal]

Noah: Make me into something tough! [They push a button, Noah crouches and hops, his hands on his head like ears and a pair of buck teeth in his mouth] Bunny rabbit? Come on, take it up a notch, will ya?

[The Bangoons fight over the remote, a button is pushed, Noah's eyes flash, a roar is heard, the Bangoons run as Noah chases them, roaring like a Lion]

Noah: Quick, change me into something else! [they push a button, Noah's eyes flash, they look, Noah turns his back to them and farts, a green gas erupts from his backside] Skunk? Cool!

[The Bangoons lie on the ground, unconscious and twitching]

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