[Title card.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, Noah and a Bangoon are lying on tables, with electrodes on their heads, a fly buzzes nearby. X-5 is at the control panel, alongside two other Bangoons, one sees the fly and pulls out a swatter, but he only manages to hit the other Bangoon.]

X-5: Thank you for volunteering for the Bangoon to Human brain transfer again, Cadet Noah.

Noah: Uh, are you sure you got that thing fixed this time, X-5?

X-5: Commencing ignition.

[He types, there is a flash, light hits Noah, the Bangoon, X-5, and the fly, when it fades, the Bangoon makes the sound of the fly, and the fly sounds like the Bangoon as he struggles to get up]

X-5: [in Noah's body with his own voice] The experiment appears to have failed.

Noah: [X-5's body with his own voice] I don't know [he extends his arms] I kind of like being a robot, I think we should run some more experiments!

[the Bangoon fly gets up off the table and runs off, the fly Bangoon glares and flies off after it, he grabs the swatter and hits him.]

X-5: We must try to reverse this process immediately!

[Noah chuckles]

Noah: If you say so Noah, [he holds up a helmet] Here, put on this nice safe helmet, and i'll throw the switch.

[X-5 gulps audibly as the fly Bangoon still chases and swats at the Bangoon fly]

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