[Title card.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, Noah is in a flight simulator while X-5 and the Bangoons watch. The simulator activates and strikes a Bangoon with lightning, reducing him to dust.]

Noah: Um..., is this thing safe?

X-5: That is what the test is trying to ascertain, Cadet Noah.

Noah: Maybe one of the Bangoons would like to go first.

[The two surviving Bangoons back off.]

X-5: Initiating blast-off simulation.

[The flight simulator runs around in circles. The Bangoons chuckle as Noah feels sick]

Noah: No! Please, no! Please!

X-5: Simulating re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. [The simulator burns up and stops, the cockpit opens.] Test completed. Congratulations Cadet Noah. You are clear for space travel. [An exhausted Noah, who suddenly has a green nose, passes out.] Tsk, tsk, sleeping on the job constitutes a failure, I'm afraid. You must complete the test again.

[Noah's face lands on the floor.]

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