[Title card.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, Noah walks up to X-5 and a trio of Bangoons wearing a jet-back, full body, spandex style suit.]

X-5: How do you like the Static Cling Spy Suit, Cadet Noah?

[Noah examines it, feeling the material, we hear a crackle of electricity as he shoots up, and his feet stick to the wall.]

Noah: This is so cool! How did you make it?

X-5: The suit is constructed from old drier and bellybutton lint, after the Bangoons sewed the lint together. [He motions to the Bangoons, who wave, they have bandages covering their hands. We then see two Bangoons spinning in a drier] We used electromagnetic fields, and put it in a clothes drier for 10,000 spins.

[The scene turns back to Noah, still on the wall, he then falls, and lands with a grunt.]

X-5: When the material is rubbed with drier sheets [We see the Bangoons doing just that, the sheets then stick to Noah, along with several socks] It gives the suit super magnetic and static capabilities, not unlike a remote control. You can change TV channels by blinking.

[A TV turns on, Noah blinks with one eye and changes the channel, he does it again and smiles.]

Noah: This is neat![He continues, just then, the scene turns to static] Hey, what happened?

[We cut back to X-5, who sees Noah apparently stuck inside the TV]

X-5: Hmm, this was an unforeseen result.

Noah: Get me out of here! [the screen changes to a cabin in snow covered woods, Noah shivers, it then changes to underwater, Noah struggles to swim out, the channel then changes again to a desert landscape as Noah lands with a thud, he gasps and ducks as several cowboys ride past.] Who's changing the channel?

[The Bangoons sit on a couch, holding the remote and a box of popcorn, laughing at a glaring Noah as we iris out.]

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