[Title card.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, Noah struggles to lift a weight, he stops and pants, he then sees a couple of muscular Bangoons carrying a large missile and a safe, Noah walks to X-5, who wears a lab coat and has a clipboard, next to him is a bowl filled with green melon like fruit.]

Noah: Hey, how did the Bangoons get so strong?

X-5: They discovered a fruit on the planet Olympus 9, it grants tremendous strength, temporarily.

Noah: Cheaters! [He takes a fruit and bites into it, he swallows and makes a muscle, no change] It's not working! [He walks off, all of a sudden, his right arm grows huge and muscular, he yelps and he falls to the ground, just then, his left leg and his other arm and leg grow the same, along with his whole body] [slightly deeper, Schwarzenegger style voice] This is the best! [he flexes] I am strong, ja?

[We see him do one handed push up's, while holding the missile on his back, he then uses his feet to hold up the safe]

X-5: Impressive results, Cadet Noah. Remember, the effects of the Olympus 9 fruit are only temporary.

[We hear a crash, we see the safe now on the ground, Noah moans from the inside]

Noah: [normal voice] I'm okay! [the door opens, we see he is back to normal and slightly bruised] I think i'll stick to flexing my brain like you... [he gasps, we see X-5, most likely due to the fruit, has transformed into a large monster truck.]

X-5: What?

[He roars off, leaving a cloud of dust.]

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