[Title card.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, Noah runs on a treadmill, with another Guardian and two Bangoons behind him. He begins to drop back, he struggles to keep going, but trips, and rolls down the treadmill, landing in front of X-5, who holds a stopwatch.]

X-5: You almost completed a full lap, Noah. [Noah pants as he gets up] Lucky for you, I am testing a new gadget today that enhances speed. [He holds up a mechanical looking belt] I call it the Sound Breaker. Would you--?

Noah: Would I? You bet!

[X-5 places the belt on him, and pushes a button on a remote, a blue beam hits the belt, and Noah begins running rapidly.]

X-5: I should warn you....

[Before he can finish, Noah takes off, he zips back onto the treadmill, knocking away the Bangoons and the other Guardian, the belt glows and Noah spins like a top, bouncing around the room, laughing. X-5 pushes the remote again, and Noah comes to a stop right next to him.]

Noah: That belt is wicked!

X-5: Evidentially. However, I believe it may still require some more tweaking.

[He pushes the remote, the belt comes off, and Noah's pants drop, a breeze blows past, Noah shivers.]

Noah: Is there a draft in here? [He looks down, gasps, and runs, bolting, out of the room]

X-5: Odd, that was his fastest speed yet.

[We iris out.]

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