[Title card.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, Noah walks in on what appears to be Maximus and Betty playing and laughing.]

Noah: Um..., X-5, I don't feel very well.

[X-5 appears, wearing a lab coat and holding a clipboard and pencil.]

X-5: Welcome, Cadet Noah. You are Cadet Noah, are you not?

Noah: [walks up to the table Maximus and Betty are on] Who else would I be?

[As X-5 replies, the supposed Maximus and Betty pull their faces off to reveal that they are in fact Bangoons.]

X-5: You could be anyone. I have invented virtual face masks.

[X-5 hands Noah a virtual face mask.]

Noah: Cool! [puts the mask on] How does it work?

X-5: Simply state a known individual from our database.

Noah: Um, Sparky. [Noah's face changes into Sparky.] Admiral DeGill. [Then into DeGill.] Iciclia. [Then into Iciclia, then the mask shifts to its default state.] Cool! Imagine all the pranks we could pull with these. Call Betty for me.

X-5: I suppose the Captain should test them. [Speaking into his wrist device.] Atomic Betty to the lab, immediately.

[Betty walks in and gasps, looking at what appears to be Iciclia.]

Noah: No, its... its me!

[Betty beats Noah up. He takes off his face mask, revealing himself and his now badly bruised face. Betty gasps.]

Noah: I think the mask works, X-5. [Noah passes out.]

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