[Title card.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base?, Betty and X-5 enter a lift with two pizzamen who, unknown to them, are Maximus and Minimus in disguise. They are followed by Sparky, who is holding a bucket of Pudonkian pig snouts.]

Sparky: Hold the door! [The lift starts, Sparky eats from a bucket of pig snouts.] Mm-mmm.

Betty: Does anyone hear ticking? [Maximus gasps and pushes a button, the elevator stops and the lights turn off.] Oh great.

Sparky: X-5, can you fix this thing?

X-5: Right, make the robot do it.

[X-5 starts the elevator again, as the lights turn on, we see he is now in a purple tuxedo, while Betty and Sparky have mysteriously switched uniforms.]

Betty: Uh, what switch did you push, X-5?

X-5: I'm not sure, captain. It was dark.

[The lift stops and opens.]

Betty: Come on, Sparky, let's go.

Maximus: Oh, you're Sparky [hands him a box of pizza.] this pizza's for you.

Sparky: Hey, thanks. [Offers Maximus his bucket of pig snouts] Here, this is for you.

Maximus: [Takes the bucket.] Er, [grudgingly] uh, thank you. [Betty, Sparky and X-5 walk out of the lift while Maximus and Minimus stay. Maximus laughs.] Enjoy your pizza.

Minimus: [Switches to his evil face.] With extra explosives! [Switches to his good face.] Do you hear ticking, master?

[They scream and drop the bucket, the bomb falls out and both Maximus and Minimus scream as the doors close. The doors are blown open by the explosion which reduces Maximus and Minimus to piles of ashes. They then scream as the lift then plummets down.]

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