[Title card.]
[We open in the outside of a Las Vegas style hotel and casino, inside Sparky and Admiral DeGill are sitting at a card table, glaring at Maximus I.Q. and Minimus P.U., who are glaring at them from the other side of the table, we then cut to X-5, who is wearing a visor.]

X-5: Shall we begin, gentlemen?

[They glare at each other, Minimus switches to his evil face, which has a pair of sunglasses on, Sparky then accidentally farts.]

Sparky: Sorry, nerves.

X-5: In such a situation, I hypothesize--

[We cut to Maximus, who is now wearing a gas mask due to the stench, while Minimus holds his nose and looks like he is about to vomit.]

Maximus: Just deal, robo-dork.

[X-5 opens his chest plate and inside is a deck of cards, he quickly deals cards to all four of them.]

Maximus: Is it legal to deal from your chest cavity? It seems...unsanitary.

[DeGill pounds a fin on the table.]

DeGill: X-5 is a certified croupier!

Sparky: And he makes a swell grilled cheese sandwich!

[X-5's chest plate opens, steam hisses out and we see three grilled cheese sandwiches inside, he hands one to Maximus and holds up a bottle of ketchup.]

X-5: Ketchup?

[Maximus smacks the bottle away, it lands on Minimus, splattering him.]
[They start up the game, Sparky looks at his cards and eats his sandwich.]

Minimus: [whispering] Master... [he sneakily hands off a card to Maximus]

Sparky: Maximus is cheating!

[Maximus pulls out a laser gun and aims it.]

Maximus: Let's play "annihilate the Galactic Guardians" instead!

[Sparky and DeGill hide, X-5 hovers up to Maximus and Minimus.]

X-5: You sir, are out of the game!

[He fires cards from his chest plate, Maximus and Minimus run and shut the door as the cards hit, imbedding into the door.]

DeGill: [to Sparky] Got any threes?

[Sparky checks his hand.]

Sparky: Go fish!

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