[Title card.]
[Scene: A large theater with spotlights ]

Captain Chuck: And welcome back to Galactic Idol, where dreams that once seemed impossible are crushed to tiny smithereens.

[Noah stands by the door with a contestants badge on, looking incredibly nervous, he gives a shaky thumbs up]

Judge: Next!

[Noah walks up to the mike stand, he takes it and is about to sing, when Maximus I.Q. walks up, dressed as Slash from the rock band, Guns n' Roses and kicks him away]

Maximus: Move it or lose it, kid, I am about to rock you! [the judges table, which consists of Bombshelle, Antoine Lucci and X-5, watch] [singing] When I was born....

[the crowd boos]

Antoine: Oh please, my grandmother has more edge then you.

Bombshelle: Und more fashion sense!

X-5: I know of a toaster that can sing better.

[the audience laughs]

Maximus: What? [he is pulled away by a hooked cane]

Antoine: Next!

[Maximus is lowered on stage, now dressed in viking opera style]

Maximus: Figaroooooooooooo....!

[The audience boos, Maximus' singing causes X-5's eyes, Bombshelle's glasses, and Antoine's helmet to crack and shatter, he falls into a trap door, we then see him on stage again, this time dressed as Prince, right down to a wig]]

Maximus: [singing] Little red planet..... [an anvil is dropped on him, we see Antoine, who's dome is now repaired and taped up]

Antoine: That was like being hit in the face with an electric eel, an eel who can't sing!

Bombshelle: Give me ze five! [he high fives her, just then, they are hit and burned by a blast of flame. We see Maximus, back in his robe, and wielding a flamethrower]

Maximus: That was my rendition of Disco Inferno! [he walks up and takes the trophy as the crowd boos] Oh, I win? What a surprise, I'd like to thank me, my good looks, my evil genius....

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