[Title card.]
[Scene: Betty's living room, Purrsy hocks up a hairball, he is dressed stylishly, his eyes hidden behind a black pair of shades, wearing a black tuxedo with a red bow tie, and holding a fan]

Purrsy: Gross, you say? The linchpin of style, I say. Hairball haute couture has always been in fashion.

[The scene changes to a caveman wearing a tunic made of hairballs, he points a spear at a Sabertooth Tiger.]

Purrsy: Cavemen wore robes made of hairballs coughed up by Sabertooth Tigers.

[The scene changes to two London palace guards standing at post, their hats have flies buzzing around them]

Purrsy: The hats on the guards in London? [A black furred cat pops out of one of the hats] Pure English hairball! Good show, British kitty!

[The scene turns back to the living room, now there is a spotlight shining on Purrsy and a stage behind him.]

Purrsy: And does hairball high fashion stop there? No! The craft continues! [he claps twice, and Sparky walks onto the stage, wearing a scaf and boots made entirely out of hairballs] A hairball scarf is the accessory that every alien needs this season, and nothing says "Rrrow!" like a nice pair of hairball boots.

[Betty walks in and sees the "outfit" Sparky has on.]

Betty: Sparky, that is so gross! How can you wear those things?

Sparky: He promised me all the cat food I could eat! [He meows, Betty looks at the scarf and boots, gags and runs off, vomiting]

Purrsy: Gag all you want, human. You can't make a dress out of loogies!

[He takes off his glasses and winks as we iris out.]

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