[Title card.]
[Scene: Betty's house, living room, Purrsy sits on the couch and hocks up a hairball]

Purrsy: Ooh, your a keeper! But, their all keepers! Did you know that the hairball is the damp, matted, internally generated connoisseur of history? No? Not surprising. Many humans refuse to admit that hairballs have been the material of choice in the construction of the greatest architectural marvels on Earth!

[The scene changes to the pyramids in Egypt, Purrsy walks up, wearing an Egyptian collar]

Purrsy: The pyramids? No wonder cats are featured so often in hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt.

[He yowls as a sandstorm blows in, sending him flying. The scene changes to the Leaning Tower in Italy, Purrsy, now wearing an Italian outfit, floats by on a gondola]

Purrsy: The Leaning Tower of Piza? That is one spicy hairball!

[The scene changes to in front of the Eiffel Tower, Purrsy stands in front, holding a loaf of bread and some roses.]

Purrsy: The Eiffel Tower? One hundred percent hairball!

[He speaks in french as he smells the roses. The scene then changes back to Betty's living room.]

Purrsy: And the work continues! [Betty walks in and looks in front of her]

Betty: Purrsy, what is that thing? [We see a large statue of Purrsy, made entirely out of hairballs] Is that made out of... [Purssy hacks up a hairball right next to her, she gags and runs off, we hear her vomit as Purrsy holds the hairball].

Purrsy: Pure human jealousy.

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