[Title card.]
[Exterior shot of a ship flying to the Galactic Guardian Maximum Security Prison in space.]
[Scene: We pan through the prison area as chattering is heard from various prisoners. Inside a cell, a silhouetted figure of a fat cat of some sort plays a harmonica. A mechanical claw grabs onto the barred window and pulls, shaking the room and making the silhouette drop the harmonica. Out in space, the entire cell was pulled out of the prison by the claw, which has a long cable attached to a ship. An alarm blares as the ship flies off. Inside a ship, an old fashioned looking robot, the top of its head looking like a funnel and a grate like that on a stove on its chest, and a strange alien creature fly from the prison, carrying the room with the figure inside while prison searchlights scout around.]
[Scene: Maximus' citadel, Maximus I.Q. and Minimus P.U. wait on the landing dock as the cell is deposited in front of them. Minimus uses a pen like laser device to cut a doorway through the cell wall. The figure emerges out of the cell, and out comes Max Sr., a fat cat, similar looking to Maximus, with a buzz cut of black hair, that's gone white at the ends, a long drooping mustache and small goatee, wearing a headdress similar to Maximus', a heart tattoo on his left arm, and a prisoner's outfit with the jacket a size too small for his girth.]
Maximus: Papa! [he laughs, holding his arms out, expecting a hug, but he walks right past him]
Max Sr.: [Brooklyn style accent] It's about time!
Maximus: Huh?
Max Sr.: Not that I expect anything from a worthless runt like you.
Maximus: [growls a bit slightly, looking insulted] But father, I have accomplished great evil in your absence. I have earned the title of Supreme Overlord. Aren't you proud of me?
Max Sr.: Can it! [Maximus gasped with shock] Where's your stash? Your loot? Your spoils?
Maximus: Please, father! [Max Sr. only shook his head at this point, obviously disappointed] I'm well past petty burglary, opting for the richer spoils of Galactic domination!
Max Sr.: I've got no time for your sniveling. Call the boys! [Minimus looks unpleased at this point] We've got work to do.
[He, with Maximus and Minimus, head inside the citadel.]

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